Turning plans into reality


Our approach to preconstruction is multi-faceted. Our project team has extensive experience in helping our clients set budgets, review drawings and scope and setting a construction timeline.  In addition to construction, our team has over 40 years of combined experience on the Architectural Design side of projects, enabling us to help our clients throughout all phases of the construction process.  Our process allows us to help our clients search for every possible way to reduce cost and enhance quality as well as the building process. Our ability to do this gives the client the best possible building; one they will be proud to show off in the end. Our preconstruction services include: budget development, value engineering, document review, coordination, planning, due diligence, site investigation, life cycle cost analysis, material recommendations and subcontractor selection.

Construction Management

Derek, Inc. will function as an extension of the client’s organization. We put our years of experience to work creating efficient ways to save money and improve quality. We have years of established management systems and procedures that work. We will monitor the project’s progress to ensure the client’s goals are obtained. From project design to completion, the end result is that the project will be on time and in budget to exceed the client’s expectations every time.

General Contracting

Derek, Inc. is and always will be an at-risk, general contracting service. Although each project is unique, we offer the same minimum standards to all projects. We will work in conjunction with owners, architects, engineers and subcontractors to deliver the best product possible to the client. Our time tested leadership and unique skill sets deliver a finished project that exceeds the client’s expectations every time.


Derek, Inc. offers several opportunities for clients to save without sacrificing quality by having our forces self-perform several scopes of work. We offer concrete, masonry, steel erection, rough and finish carpentry, metal stud framing, drywall, tile and painting services.


Clients benefit from the ability to assemble custom design/build teams to meet the specific scope and requirements of each project. Not only does this save money but schedule. Derek, Inc. offers clients the ability to have a one stop shop where we can offer everything from the design to turning over the keys at the end of a project.  Our years of experience in designing buildings uniquely positions us to help streamline the process, working with the Architect for a project to create the best possible building, and shave valuable time off the overall construction process.